Ms Sheetal Ahuja from Vision International School of Excellence won The Super Nachiketa Award 2017

Education is becoming another commodity. There is a need to bring back the good things of past in to the system, said General (Retd) V K Singh

With the resolution to generate happiness in schools by creating students with happy minds, the 6th International Principals’ Educational Conference 2017 (IPEC-17) concluded at Chitnavis Centre on Wednesday.
Organised jointly by South Point School and Royal Gondwana Public School, the 6th edition of ‘IPEC 17’ was unique in many ways. Right from the theme, selection of speakers for delivering keynote addresses, selection of teachers for Nachiketa awards and super Nachiketa awards, real life stories and live demonstrations were structured well. The conference was successful in igniting the minds of delegates with the flame of technology and tradition.

Super Nachiketa Award 2017

The chief guest of Valedictory Function of IPEC 17, General (Retd) V K Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs and former Chief of the Indian Army made a clarion call to principals attending the conference to wake up to change the present education system.
Appealing the participating Principals, Gen Singh said, “Present education system needs a change. It is you who would move it. Education is becoming another commodity which is saleable, buyable, tradable and driven by profit. There is a need for us to bring back the good things of past in to the system.”

Super Nachiketa Award 2017

Expressing concern over growing intolerance in society, Singh said, “The roots of intolerance could be searched in present education system. The business of public schools in the country has provided modern facilities like excellent buildings, air-conditioned rooms, laptops, tablets etc. The school managements are attracting parents with lucrative benefits. The education has become a saleable and buyable commodity. As the children are getting all facilities, they have lost moral values. The children are getting irritations, angers etc. for small things. The intolerance starts at school level. The children studied from such school become intolerant citizens who have lost ability to differentiate between good and bad. These citizens are getting easily carried away with the whims and thoughts of leaders of society. This is leading to growing intolerance.”

Appreciating the theme of conference, ‘Generating Happy Minds’, Gen Singh said, “In the past, students were feeling very happy going schools. Now, the education has burdened the students with number of things they could not understand. Right from syllabus to teaching methods, the student are getting confused. As they are unable to stand strong in society, they are becoming unhappy and carry unrest throughout their lives. In the rat race of scoring marks above 90 per cent, students are become racing horses, teachers become jockey and parents racers. Schools should understand that each person is different. Born with different abilities, some could shine early in life; some could shine later while some could not shine at all. It is therefore, a duty of a teacher to identify potential of students and groom them according to their creativity. It will definitely bring happiness in their life. Society of such happy persons will be strong and healthy.”

Gen Singh narrated his own experiences of school life and told the audience how the grooming was healthy in those days. Dr Vikas Baba Amte, a social worker and the Secretary and Chief Functionary of Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora, spoke on developing Creative Humanism to make happy and health society. He shared number of experiences in life of Baba Amte. He explained how Baba Amte developed an environment for leprosy patients across the country.

Dr Amte said, “Baba had created an environment for these dejected, disabled and neglected people in society to express their creativity and potential. He developed Anandwan, the happy atmosphere, where there is non-exploitative harnessing of human and natural resources; where there is constructive synthesis of the able-bodied and the feeble-bodied.”

Dr Amte through his inspiring story of life, made the delegates to think how happiness could be developed at grassroot level of the country. Quoting Baba Amte who once said, ‘Happiness dies when not shared,’ Dr Vikas Amte explained importance of sharing and caring in life. He also appealed teachers to develop students to pursue their dreams in life. A common man with uncommon determination could do miracles in life; therefore, teachers should help children to realise strength of work, devotion, determination and involvement.

Dr Amte appealed the audience to invest in SMART (Sustainable, Measurable, Affordable, Replicable and Technologically-advanced) that improve overall quality of life with better infrastructure, healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood options, judicious use of natural resources with participative governance.
The valedictory function started with lighting the torch. ‘The Hitavada’ Editor and Principal Advisor of IPEC, Vijay Phanshikar gave introductory remarks and reviewed the conference.

During the ceremony, mementoes were presented to Babar Ali, Reena Dargan, Dr Rasika Dasture, Shraddha Kelapure, Pratibha Madan and Samta Vasudeva.
A souvenir was released at the hands of Gen V K Singh.
Dr Mrunalini Dasture announced names of winners of Nachiketa and Super Nachiketa Awards.

Reena Dargan introduced Dr Vikas Baba Amte and Patron Deaven Dasture introduced Gen V K Singh.
Samta Vasudeva and Kanika Anand conducted the proceedings while Pratibha Madan Nair proposed a vote of thanks.

Winners of Nachiketa Awards

Vandana Paul, Principal School of Scholars, Hudkeshwar; n Anita Sharma, Vice Principal, Centre Point School, Dabha; n Bhakta Bobde from Centre Point School, Dabha; n Vivekanand Singh Solanki of Bhavan’s B P Vidya Mandir, Shrikrishna Nagar;

Rajashree Sharma of South Point School, Omkar Nagar;

Salima Jeevaji, Assistant Mistress, JN TataParsi School;

Manisha Salunke, Supervisor, South Point School, Omkar Nagar; n Mili Datta of Modern School; n Parvati Iyer, Principal, Bhavan’s B P Vidya Mandir, Trimurti Nagar; n Kanika Anand, Supervisor, The Royal Gondwana Public School; n Nutan Jamil, Vice Principal of School of Scholars, Atrey Layout.



Winners of Super Nachiketa Award


Sumathi Venugopalan, Principal, Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar;

Sheetal Ahuja, Director, Vision International School of Excellence, Ankaleshwar.


Source: The Hitavada News Paper – Nagpur